Must Have Apps for Nashik Citizens

5 Must have apps for every Nashikkar

Nashik Municipal Corporation has done a tremendous job of making mobile applications for citizens of Nashik for their day-to-day needs. These apps includes various features like Paying online taxes, Filling complaints, information of government authorities, applying for certificates etc. Along with these useful apps few youngsters also have made apps which can help you to get connected with the city activities and happenings by using … Continue reading 5 Must have apps for every Nashikkar

Election time in nashik.

Nashikites are confused from past couple of days by the overwhelming care by politicians and various wannabe politicians.Everyone is acting like they’re keen to serve the ‘aam janta’ by perofrming some functions,donations,some development works (which was pending from past 5 years). If you just start roaming around the city you’ll get same picture everywhere from mahatma nagar to panchwati and from cidco to ambad and … Continue reading Election time in nashik.

Two Wards to undergo Demo Election

Nashik Municipal Corporation’s elections are only 6 months away and its rehearsal has started. After division of wards in Nashik Municipal Territory, Government officials have started taking steps for successful completion of Election Schedule. Officials are trying to experiment with some new techniques of voting. This all has been done for increasing the voting percentage which has been considerably low in last few years. This … Continue reading Two Wards to undergo Demo Election

Water Supply problems in Nashik Road

Yesterday, Nashik Road area suffered with no water supply. This event set an example that how foolishly a government organisation can behave. One mistake done by NMC employees turned out to be a big event yesterday. NMC employees were digging a bore well in Nashik Road area. But due to lack of analysis and planning, the place selected for digging Bore well was found as … Continue reading Water Supply problems in Nashik Road

Road repairs before NMC elections

There has been a whole month after monsoon started. Nashik observed some heavy rains in this period. As it was expected, many of the roads “Repaired” by NMC as a precautionary measures have disappeared. Tar which is poured on the roads turned out to be of low quality. Within 1 month of 4 months monsoon, roads have vanished. But NMC is not silent on this … Continue reading Road repairs before NMC elections

LED lights in Pramod Mahajan Garden

Everybody in the world is talking about power saving and global warming and all other Save the Nature stuff. But there are very few who are taking solid steps for conserving the nature. Though NMC is not very reputed for doing any of nature friendly work, it has taken an admirable decision to put LED flood lights in Late Pramod Mahajan Garden. This garden was … Continue reading LED lights in Pramod Mahajan Garden

Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan under CCTV surveillance

Effects of 13/7 blast in Mumbai are no being observed all over India. Nashik is not exception for it. Malegaon region in Nashik District is considered as the most dangerous area for terrorist activities. Last year, some arrests were made in Nashik. Bilal Shekh was arrested from Shivaji Nagar in Nashik. He is considered to be related with Indian Mujahidin- A terrorist Group. From his … Continue reading Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan under CCTV surveillance

Naroshankar’s Bell renovated

Nashik is quite religious and peace loving place as compared to other growing metro cities. As evidence to it, many old mementos can be seen in various places of Nashik. Ganga Ghaat is one these places, where we can observe them. There are quite a few Temples, Ghaats, Kunds on the bank of river Godavari. Naroshankar’s Bell is one of those famous mementos which are … Continue reading Naroshankar’s Bell renovated

E-Voting for NMC Elections 2012?

Nashik is entering in to technical era. As an evidence of it, SETU office, District Supply office launched their websites and established One Click Service in Nashik. But, this has not stopped yet as NMC has proposed to have E-Voting in upcoming Elections. By E-Voting, you can register your vote online. You need to have your Identity Proof for this purpose. But this issue is … Continue reading E-Voting for NMC Elections 2012?

Air Hospital:- Issue on board for NMC

Road Accidents has become a day to day routine for all the Nashikkars. NMC is quite hopeless for solving these issues. Faulty Traffic Maintenance is the cause of it. But NMC is not taking the responsibility of it. They say that it is the issue which comes under Police Department. But NMC is responsible for the cure of victims in such mishaps. Civil Hospital has … Continue reading Air Hospital:- Issue on board for NMC

Dwaraka – Datt Mandir Road widening

This road which connects Nashik city with Nashik road is full of traffic always. It is the road from Dwaraka to Datt Mandir. Dwaraka is considered as the end of main Nashik city and start of suburb. Though a huge population lives their, no steps were taken to maintain and reduce the traffic. Few years back, Flyover joining Sinnar faata and Datt Mandir was built. … Continue reading Dwaraka – Datt Mandir Road widening

NMC likely to put 50 CCTV cameras on important places

Close Circuit TV cameras is the issue which is in the process of discussion from last 5 years. But, no actions were taken to actually make it happen. Now, it is time for election. Nashik is standing on the verge of Municipal elections which are only 6 months away. So, NMC is trying real hard to raise their image in the eyes of Nashikkars. They … Continue reading NMC likely to put 50 CCTV cameras on important places

Cleaning before Monsoon in Satpur Industrial Area

Monsoon is on its way and preparations for it have started in Nashik too. Monsoon is expected to enter in Nashik on 10th June. Satpur Industrial Area is one of the big of its kind. Lot of maintenance work is needed to keep it optimized. As its first step, Cleaning work was performed in Sector 50 of Nashik Municipal Corporation. Local corporators and officers of … Continue reading Cleaning before Monsoon in Satpur Industrial Area

Careless NMC Risking Lifes

The carelessness of NMC (Nashik Municipal Corporation) is ready to risk the lives of the innocent citizens. Even on being informed several times by the locals, no action is being take. At Shilpa Housing Society, Opposite Kalpataru Bungalow, Near Kulkarni Garden, Sharanpur road, A huge tree without any leaves is on the verge to fall on the roadside and is already touching the live electricity … Continue reading Careless NMC Risking Lifes

Falke Smarak will stay open until 9.00PM

Now NMC has woken up and made plans for the revival of Memorial. Keeping it open till 9 PM is one of them. This action may lead to increase in number of audience which gives profit to NMC especially when there is holiday season. Nashik is famous for wine and another reason, that it is birth place as well as wok place of Dadasaheb Falke. … Continue reading Falke Smarak will stay open until 9.00PM