Election time in nashik.

Nashikites are confused from past couple of days by the overwhelming care by politicians and various wannabe politicians.Everyone is acting like they’re keen to serve the ‘aam janta’ by perofrming some functions,donations,some development works (which was pending from past 5 years).
If you just start roaming around the city you’ll get same picture everywhere from mahatma nagar to panchwati and from cidco to ambad and indira nagar to gangapur road.Politicians and their workforce(?) Are working like never seen before enthusiasm.Is this really a change ?or that same old policy? Well we are confused!
This love for ‘aam janata’ will stay for next five years after election or its just  stunts for upcoming elections? We want you to share your opinions about this issue on our website just write it down what you think about this stunts and actions has any long term sustainability? We want nashikites reply so just think and fill our comments box with your thoughts.


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