Photo essay: Bhandi Bazar Nashik

There is a lot to talk about the old city, the places, lanes, and chowks Here lies roots of the city and tell us story, how Nashik evolved from a small town to nearly a smart city. These bylanes of old Nashik are exploding with shops ranging from clothes to spices and jewellery to what not! So to give an experience of one of the … Continue reading Photo essay: Bhandi Bazar Nashik

The Old CBS is no more ‘Old’! Giving new life to the walls of CBS!

Hey there! We hope you are spending your day well. Today we are sharing a glance of the place where every one of you has been at least for once in your life if you are from Nashik! Do you remember your childhood days when your parents took you to the Central Bus Stand (We call it CBS more)! The government buses almost for all … Continue reading The Old CBS is no more ‘Old’! Giving new life to the walls of CBS!

Mango people in the city of grapes

“God must be loving a common man a lot, he made so many of them!” -Abraham Lincon We roam! We roam all the time around. Sometimes for work, sometimes for shopping, sometimes to explore, sometimes for a reason and sometimes without the one! The thought behind this essay is that we are so much busy living our lives and are so gobbled in it that … Continue reading Mango people in the city of grapes

Veer Damodar Savarkar

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar was born on May 28, 1883 into a family of jagirdars (landlords) in the village of Bhagpur near Nasik. Vinayak was one of four children others being, Ganesh (Babarao), Mainabai and Narayan, born to Damodarpant Savarkar and Radhabai. Being descendents of a line of Sanskrit scholars, the Savarkars inculcated the love of learning into their children. Vinayak and Babarao were sent to … Continue reading Veer Damodar Savarkar

Sawitri Foundation And Their Social Service.

Late.Sawitribai Phule and Jyotiba Phule are well – known for their Social work. Sawitribai was first lady in the Indian history who get educated and make others educated. It was the era when there was no permission for girls to go to school. they were strictly bonded to old traditions and there was no awareness among women about there freedom and liberty. But Jyotiba was … Continue reading Sawitri Foundation And Their Social Service.

Traffic and Pollution @ Nashik

 Hello Nashikites, You may be relating with the title of article. Because we all are commonly facing these issues currently growing like hell. Most of now avoiding two wheeler driving because of these bugs arising head widely across all area from nashik. We cannot blame system directly. Because we ourselves responsible for these issues. That is another part that there is flyover construction going on … Continue reading Traffic and Pollution @ Nashik

Vibrant Prayer @ Kapaleshwar Temple, Nashik

As we all know that Nashik is well known for its pious and spiritual background. There are so many historic temples and places where so many pilgrims are visiting every day from across the country. One of the most important place in Nashik city is Kapaleshwar temple situated near panchwati. The saying about kapaleshwar temple is that lord shiv by mistakenly killed a cow (“GOHATYA”), … Continue reading Vibrant Prayer @ Kapaleshwar Temple, Nashik

Scarp Market to be Moved

The Bombay High Court on Sunday finally decided to move the scrap traders of the Ambad-Satpur Link Road within 3 months. According to the directives of the Bombay High Court all the scrap traders on the Ambad-Satpur Link road must find some other market within 3 months and if the traders fail to do so it will the responsibility of the NMC to do the … Continue reading Scarp Market to be Moved

Is it Raining?

The most frequently asked question during rainy season: Is it raining? Unlike last year this year the rainy season is not on its peak. People were expecting heavy rains right from the starting of the month but it seems that their expectations aren’t fulfilled. Though the Dakshinayan has begun since 10 days there is no considerable rainfall in Nashik till yet. The people including infant, … Continue reading Is it Raining?

No Petrol Day Observed In the City

Today all the place in and around the city, the vehicular traffic and the streets were found to be empty. Even the busiest of the streets lacked pedestrians and had negligible traffic. All the grocery stores, stationery shops including the showrooms were shut down in support of the No Petrol Day. The citizen’s whole heartedly supported the No Petrol Day and was keen on the … Continue reading No Petrol Day Observed In the City

Nashik Police Aggressive On Traffic Violators

From the past 5-6 days the Nashikites have observed a very sudden aggressive move by the police against the traffic violators. Since the past 5-6 days several places have observed the check posts of police regarding the checking of the vehicles. With the rising crimes of chain stanching, the police has decided to put a check on the vehicles which are illegal or without proper … Continue reading Nashik Police Aggressive On Traffic Violators

NMC likely to put 50 CCTV cameras on important places

Close Circuit TV cameras is the issue which is in the process of discussion from last 5 years. But, no actions were taken to actually make it happen. Now, it is time for election. Nashik is standing on the verge of Municipal elections which are only 6 months away. So, NMC is trying real hard to raise their image in the eyes of Nashikkars. They … Continue reading NMC likely to put 50 CCTV cameras on important places

Chess Tournament Held In Nashik

Today a open Chess Tournament is being held at Rachna Vidyalay Trust Hall at Savarkar Nagar. With the growing popularity for various sports and games shown by the people of Nashik, a lot of tournaments and competitions are being held around the city. The people of Nashik have not only showed their interest in various sports and games but also have great potential and have … Continue reading Chess Tournament Held In Nashik