Dwaraka – Datt Mandir Road widening

This road which connects Nashik city with Nashik road is full of traffic always. It is the road from Dwaraka to Datt Mandir. Dwaraka is considered as the end of main Nashik city and start of suburb.
Though a huge population lives their, no steps were taken to maintain and reduce the traffic. Few years back, Flyover joining Sinnar faata and Datt Mandir was built. It helped to resolve traffic jam which was happening every day then
But the flyover resolves the issue of outsider traffic. For the traffic within city, NMC has thought of widening Dwaraka – Datt Mandir road. It is currently of 4 lane. It will be made of 8 lane by developing parallel roads on each side. Currently, road is of 80 feet which will be doubled.
Surely it will help to reduce traffic and road accidents. Lets hope this work will be done as soon as possible and as good as possible.


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