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Street Food of Nashik!

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Street food is the most influential part of any City’s food culture! The kind of street food available in any city depicts the culture of city also. If the city is fast moving then the must be of a kind that can be eaten easily while going to work like the one is in Mumbai.But , if we consider Nashik, is is a very slow city as compared to Mumbai. So, we can easily distinguish the ROAD FOOD culture of Nashik because it is unique from any other city.We can see the influence of food which can be eaten while having a chat or while relaxing for an hour or so. People in Nashik are never in hurry. They always look calm and so their snacks are.

MISAL PAAV in Nashik is one of the most common street food in Nashik. Its economical too. Average of rate of Misal Paav in any stall is Rs. 25 in which we can have 2 Paav(Bread) and Misal which is mixture of cooked sprouts, Farsan and HOT RASSA made up of spices. There is another thing called TARRI is added to to make Misalpav more HOT. But please, be in limit while having this Tarri.. Coz if it is added more, you are surely gonna have a blast inside your mouth! There are sub dishes called Shev Misal and Vada Rassa in which Misal is replaced with SHEV and VADA respectively.  Some places where you can have the Misal Paav are

Misal Pav Nashik
Misal Pav Nashik
  1. Ambica Missal, Panchavati – a distinct taste of Black garam Masala made in a very traditional way.
  2. Hotel Bhagwati, Panchawati Karanja
  3. Hotel Sheetal, Old taxi Stand, CBS
  4. Hotel Shamsunder, B Road, Satpur MIDC
  5. Hotel Sudarshan, Makhamalabad, Nashik.
  6. Hotel Tuljai, Opp college, College Road.
  7. Hotel Tushar, Malaria Stop, College Road.
  8. Raswanti Missal, Panchavati Karanja
  9. Shelke Missal, Ravivar Karanja, opp Chandi Ganpati Mandir.
  10. Maharashtra Hotel, Bytco Point, Nashik Road.
  11. Hotel Vihar, Near K.V.N.Naik College, Gangapur Naka,Nashik
  12. Nehru Garden, Near Sarda School.
  13. Bhamre Misal,CIDCO

Vada Pav in Nashik is most common and well known snack available in almost ever part of our country. Nashik is not away from it. But the difference in Nashik’s Vada Paav is the Chatni which is provided along with it! It is a great combination of sweet n sour ! You must have it at least once in your life. Along with it, we can hav PAAV-VADA, SANDWICHES,SAMOSA, MUNG BHAJI etc. These dishes are very much different than each other but can be easily available after every other lane! Even the sweet marts also are very keen to keep these dishes in there stores as a morning Break Fast. Hence these things have grown very fast in Nashik.

Wada Pav nashik
Wada Pav nashik

Some places where you can have the VADA PAAV and other stuff are..

  1. Krishnai Vada Paav:Ashok Stambh
  2. Ambika Sweet Mart:Satpur, Ashok Nagar
  3. Sagar Sweets:College Road
  4. Jalaram Sweets:College Road

Sabudana Wada: Shabudana wada is basically  a deep fried  patty of sago and pea nut mixture served with coconut and nuts chutney. Origanated in maharahstra this shabudana wada is a staple food during Hindu fasting.This golden brown fried patty is crunchier outside with really warm and soft filling, this wadas can be grabbed at Sayantara snack centre in bhadrakali old nashik.

Shabudana Wada at Sayantara nashik
Shabudana Wada at Sayantara nashik
  1. Sayantara Sabudana Vada Center,Bhadrakali

BIRYANI is another famous snack in Nashik and is becoming very popular among the youth of Nashik.It is because of increasing popularity of NON-VEG food among Nashikkar. To fulfill the demands, biryani was made in Nashik style with lot of rice and chicken pieces in it. And it was an over night boom. Most famous place for having Biryani in nashik is

  1. Shalimar Biryani: Sarada Circle
  2. Maharstra Biryani Satpur
  3. Konkani Darbar,Dudhbajar

ROLLS:Due to fast and speedy life youngsters are prefer on the way food which can be easily consumed everywehre without any wastage of time and money too. That’s why rolls are becoming popular in youngsters they are cheap, tasty and available in various types including veg and non veg.Roll are actually fried vegetable and chicken wrapped in maida roti and egg.Starting from just 10/- Rs. Rolls will be a good option.Popular places where you can get very rolls are college road,gangapur road,trimurti chauk ,Nashik road,Shalimar etc.

Just nashik food review Rolls Mania Nashik
Just nashik food review Rolls Mania Nashik

MOMO’s: Basically momos belongs from tibet and becoming popular in all over india nashik is also not an exception,you can grab really great momo’s and thukpa in whole city (tibetian noodle soup).

  1. Canada Cornor
  2. Behind B.Y.K. College.
Momo's Served With Sesame and Chilly Sauce
Momo’s Served With Sesame and Chilly Sauce












Shawarma (Non-veg): is a  Arab meat preparation, where lamb, chicken are placed on a vertical spit,and may be grilled for as long as a day.Shavings are cut off the block of meat for serving, and the remainder of the block of meat is kept heated on the rotating spit. Although it can be served in shavings on a plate generally with accompaniments, shawarma also refers to a pita bread sandwich or wrap made with shawarma meat.It is now a fast-food staple worldwide.

1.DD’s Shawarma : College Road,Opposite BYK College.

shawarma Nashik
shawarma Nashik

Read  our reviews of nashik restaurants and eateries

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  1. hi this is sanket bhavsar i have to inform you that our wadas are fried in pure ghee not in oil. hope to change the mistake soon.thanks take care


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