Nashik on the edge of Water Crisis

Ganpaur dam and Daarna River are the main sources of water for Nashik. Monsoon was supposed to start on 8th of June. It has been 15 days and only 29% of total expectation has showed up. This is becoming main reason for water crisis in Nashik
Gangapur Dam and its source rivers are failing to provide enough water in storage to supply whole Nashik. It is said that Gangapur dam is only 15% filled while Daarna River also does not have enough water.
It is said that this water storage may last up to Mid-August. But expectations are Monsoon will show its color soon and enough water will be provided to Nashik. Because it is only 6 months before election starts and ruling party is not eager to put its voters in any kind of crisis and loose important votes.


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