E-Voting for NMC Elections 2012?

Nashik is entering in to technical era. As an evidence of it, SETU office, District Supply office launched their websites and established One Click Service in Nashik.
But, this has not stopped yet as NMC has proposed to have E-Voting in upcoming Elections. By E-Voting, you can register your vote online. You need to have your Identity Proof for this purpose.
But this issue is still on board. Security concerns are the restriction in this matter. Bogus voting is likely to happen through internet. And there are many questions such as what if server goes down, if some one does not have necessary ID proof and many more.
NMC has taken “this era as technical era” more seriously. We would like to suggest that instead of having these unnecessary matter, they should look after day to day issue regarding Nashikkars.


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