Air Hospital:- Issue on board for NMC

Road Accidents has become a day to day routine for all the Nashikkars. NMC is quite hopeless for solving these issues. Faulty Traffic Maintenance is the cause of it. But NMC is not taking the responsibility of it. They say that it is the issue which comes under Police Department.
But NMC is responsible for the cure of victims in such mishaps. Civil Hospital has special division for accident cases but it has exceeded its capacity. And territory of it is only limited within NMC boundaries. Many accidents happen on the highways which are outside the boundaries. If medical help is not given in such cases then the victims may die.
Considering this fact, NMC has now decided establish an Air Hospital which will provide help in such cases. NMC has proposed to buy a Helicopter which will be equipped with all the medical facilities and a team of Medical Officers 24X7.
Let’s hope this issue gets passed as soon as possible.


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