Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan under CCTV surveillance

Effects of 13/7 blast in Mumbai are no being observed all over India. Nashik is not exception for it. Malegaon region in Nashik District is considered as the most dangerous area for terrorist activities.
Last year, some arrests were made in Nashik. Bilal Shekh was arrested from Shivaji Nagar in Nashik. He is considered to be related with Indian Mujahidin- A terrorist Group. From his residence, few photographs and videos were found. These were of some sensitive areas in Nashik city like Deolali Camp, Raajiv Gandhi Bhavan and other places.
It was deduced that Nashik can be next target for terrorist activities.As a precautionary measure, Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan (Nashik Municipal Corporation’s Head office) will be under 24 hours CCTV surveillance. 20 CCTV cameras are being placed at different locations in Bhavan.
This is quite good step taken to prevent any mishap but NMC need to consider that lives common citizens are equally important as of public representatives.


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