Emergency Contact Number for Nashik/Nasik Citizens.

  • Quick Guide For Nashikkars 
Ambulance Police Fire Brigade Blood Bank (Janakalyan)
2576106 2570183, 2352122 2590871 2573493, 2575249
  • Call 108 free emergency ambulance service by Name Foundation

108 from your Land-line
0253-108 from your Mobile

  • List of all contact number of Nashik city.
1. Police Stations Phone Numbers in Nashik. / Nasik
2. Hospitals in Phone Numbers Nashik. / Nasik
3. Bus and Railway Stations Phone Numbers in Nashik.
4. Colleges Phone Numbers in Nashik. / Nasik
5. Schools  Phone Numbers  In Nashik/ Nasik
6. Theaters Phone Numbers in Nashik/ Nasik
7. Taxi/ Cool Cab Services Phone Numbers in Nashik / Nasik
8. Media / News Papers Phone Numbers in Nashik/ Nasik
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  • Contact information of Police Stations in nashik city.

Nashik Control Room

Contact Number:2570333/34

1.Satpur Police Station

Phone Number:0253 2 305237

Address :Satpur, nashik 422007

2.Nashik Road PoliceStation

Phone Number:2512733/511633

3.Panchawati Police Station

Phone Number:2392223/2393341

4.Ambad Police Station

Phone Number:2599599/590590

5.Sarkarwada Police Station

Phone Number:2599599/590590

6.Bhadrakali Police Station

Phone Number:2590333/591333

7.Devlali Camp Police Station

Phone Number:2491233

8.Gangapur Police Station

Phone Number:2316657

9.Nashik taluka

Phone Number:2573007

10.Superitendant Office(अधिक्षक कार्यालय)

Phone Number:2578238/39

11.Nashik Gramin Police Niyantrant Kaksha(नाशिक ग्रामिण पोलिस नियंत्रण कक्ष)

Phone Number:2571585/2571333

  • Contact Information of Media and Newspapers


Phone Number :2501314/2514546


Phone Number :2313343/2577198


Phone Number :2572400/2575716


Phone Number :2316567/68/69


Phone Number:2514650

6.Maharashtra Times

Phone Number :2580547/2580557

7.Indian Express(Loksatta)

Phone Number :2571165

8.Navbharat Times

Phone Number :2317327/2579922


Phone Number:2582613


Phone Number:2509195

11.Ashian Age

Phone Number:2593861

12.Aapla Maharashtra

Phone Number :2575989

13.Nashik Express

Phone Number:2500200/2511234


Phone Number:2500393/2506814

15.CIDCO Vihar

Phone Number:2371713/2376583

  • Contact information of Hospitals in nashik city.

1.Civil Hospital

Phone Number:2572038

2.Bedmutha Hospital

Phone Number:2571601

3.City Care Hospital

Phone Number:2505771

4.Curi Manvata Hospital

Phone Number:2592666

5.Life Care Hospital

Phone Number:2375331

6.Sai Baba Heart Care Hospital

Phone Number:6692100

7.Wockhardt Hospital

Phone Number:6624100

8.Vidyavikas Hospital

Phone Number:2580810

9.Magnum Heart Care Hospital

Phone Number:2316200/01/02/03/04

10.Shatabdi Hospital

Phone Number:2501888

11.Sahyadri Hospital

Phone Number:2597904

  • Contact information of Fire Brigade in nashik city.

Main Officer :2509766

Shingada Talav:2590871


Nashik Road:2461379

Panchawati: 2512919

CIDCO :2393961

  • Contact information of Ambulance in nashik city.

Civil Hospital :2572038


Red Cross:2504926

Cantonment Deolali:2491377


  • Contact information of theatres in nashik city.

1.Kalidas Kalamandir

Phone Number:2502930

2.Parshuram Saikhedkar

Phone Number:2580790


Phone Number:2511574


Phone Number:2576124

6.Town Hall Nashik Road

Phone Number:2465798

  • Contact information of theatres in nashik city.


Phone Number:2465595

2.Divya Adlabs

Phone Number:2395050


Phone Number:2318080


Phone Number:2571813


Phone Number:2503129


Phone Number:2501535


Phone Number:2421111


Phone Number:2505045


Phone Number:2511936


Phone Number:2501942


Phone Number:2575678

  • Contact information of Government Offices in nashik city.

  • Contact information of Taxi’s in nashik city.


Phone Number:2575934,2310186


Phone Number:2312786

Satana Kalwan

Phone Number:2317535

  • Contact information of Bus/Railway Stations in nashik city.

1.Railway Reservation

Phone Number:137,460152

2.New C.B.C.(Thakkar Bazzar)

Phone Number:2309308

3.Mahamarg BUs Station

Phone Number:2309309

4.Old C.B.S.

Phone Number:2309310

5.Mela Bus Station

Phone Number:2314392

6.Nashik Road Bus Station

Phone Number:2465304

7.Deolali Bus station

Phone Number:2491282

8.Nimani Bus Station

Phone Number:2629695

  • Contact information of Colleges in nashik city.

1.Bhonsala College

Phone number:2309611/2341694

2.Bramha Valley

Phone Number:2312904/2311244


Phone Number:2511962/2518870

4.B.Y.K. College

Phone Number:2572520

5.S.M.R.K. College

Phone Number:2571587/2579949

6.H.PT. & R.Y.K.

Phone Number:2571389/2572153

7.K.T.H.M. College

Phone Number:2315788

8.Panchawati College

Phone number:2512934

9.K.T.H.M. College CIDCO

Phone number:0253-2391110

  • Contact information of Retail Shops in nashik city.

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