NMC likely to put 50 CCTV cameras on important places

Close Circuit TV cameras is the issue which is in the process of discussion from last 5 years. But, no actions were taken to actually make it happen.
Now, it is time for election. Nashik is standing on the verge of Municipal elections which are only 6 months away. So, NMC is trying real hard to raise their image in the eyes of Nashikkars. They are doing various jobs like cleaning godavari, maintaining traffic etc.
Putting CCTV cameras is one them. These cameras are to be placed on important signals like CBS, Meher, Bitco Chowk, Ganjmal, Ashok Stambh. This will be helpful for traffic maintenance and other reasons like restricting criminals.
These cameras will be on for 24 hours. Lets see how it goes and how soon it is implied.


One thought on “NMC likely to put 50 CCTV cameras on important places

  1. I thought closed circuit television (CCTV) is used in certain public areas to protect your community, including town centers, roads, airports, and on some forms of public transport. CCTV images can be used as evidence in court. Find out how to request CCTV recordings of yourself.


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