Careless NMC Risking Lifes

The carelessness of NMC (Nashik Municipal Corporation) is ready to risk the lives of the innocent citizens. Even on being informed several times by the locals, no action is being take. At Shilpa Housing Society, Opposite Kalpataru Bungalow, Near Kulkarni Garden, Sharanpur road, A huge tree without any leaves is on the verge to fall on the roadside and is already touching the live electricity wires. Though the Local authorities gave a visit, no line of action was taken and the tree which was a little tilted has now touched the live electricity wires along the roadside. The very much residential area is filled with small children playing around also the endangered path is witnessing several residents passing around. The people on the society and other residents are annoyed with the NMC. Though we know that the Godavari water flows are unclean but this is a height of carelessness. Endangering the lives of several people at the cost of carelessness is a question in the minds of the people to which the concerned authorities are answerable.


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