Falke Smarak will stay open until 9.00PM

Now NMC has woken up and made plans for the revival of Memorial. Keeping it open till 9 PM is one of them. This action may lead to increase in number of audience which gives profit to NMC especially when there is holiday season.
Nashik is famous for wine and another reason, that it is birth place as well as wok place of Dadasaheb Falke. Due to the movie ” Harishchandra’s Factory” , Falke is now known by every single person in India.
But even before the movie was produced, Nashik Municipal Corporation had built Dadasaheb Falke Memorial. It was a very good plan which included a museum, Laser show, Colored Fountains and one big amfitheater. But somehow, this remained good for only few years. After that, like all other government works, it failed to keep its standards.It ha become the spot for the couples for doing vulgar acts.


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