Sawitri Foundation And Their Social Service.


Late.Sawitribai Phule and Jyotiba Phule are well – known for their Social work. Sawitribai was first lady in the Indian history who get educated and make others educated. It was the era when there was no permission for girls to go to school. they were strictly bonded to old traditions and there was no awareness among women about there freedom and liberty. But Jyotiba was not agree to such inhuman tradition and he was rest less to do something for the society        and especially for the women in the society.

So he decided to open school for girls. all traditional people oppose him wildly and bothered him to do not break and oppose the traditional flow. bud he was committed to his dream for the women liberalization. He was ready to face any problem and danger if came to his path.

He build the same patriotism and thoughts to his wife. and first started teaching her. Both Phule then started a school for girls. some British Officers helped them in providing books. some People who ready for change then met to Phule and his work was consistent then after.

A Sawitri Foundation is Social Group who inspired From the same thoughts of women education ,awareness and Liberty. A foundation is working from since two years and have so many quality projects for rural women and their family. The Founder Mrs.Swati Wankhede And Co-founder Mr. Mukteshwar Munshettiwar and their Team Members are taking efforts for the successful implementation of their thought.

Mrs. Swati Wankhede is working as teacher. due to awareness and social responsibility she come up with such nice idea and gathered some people from social background and started doing her work efficiently. Mr. Mukteshwar Munshettiwar is well experienced and senior personality from Nashik who is member of so many social institutions and NGO. he is active member of all social issues under Nashik and Maharashtra. and he was also awarded by Dalit Mitra Puraskar. his experience and ideas are helpful for Sawitri Foundation. and other members of Sawitri Foundation are also well-educated and experienced in their respected fields. there work is really inspiring for all others.

Also they just started a project named as Eco-Bags. These bags are Eco-friendly and madeup of old sarees. it cost only for 3 /- so anyone can afford it.I personally using it and started helping them for such great cause. YOU ALL ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US.

HARSH- 09595937567

SWATI WANKHEDE Madam – 09763714577

Mr. Mukteswar Munshettiwar- 09890170069



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