The Old CBS is no more ‘Old’! Giving new life to the walls of CBS!

Hey there! We hope you are spending your day well. Today we are sharing a glance of the place where every one of you has been at least for once in your life if you are from Nashik! Do you remember your childhood days when your parents took you to the Central Bus Stand (We call it CBS more)! The government buses almost for all the other cities in Maharashtra used to depart from there. Do you remember those inappropriate announcements which were hard to understand what actually they were announcing, the unique pattern of the whistle bus conductor made, those candy sellers around, fruit vendors, the stalls of local souvenirs, the machine telling your future when you put a coin into it? Wow!! Wasnt it a ‘happening’ place really those days?

Well, it is again! From past few years, the place used to be really unhygienic and unclean all the time but now, they have cleaned it and have made remarkably amazing! Yes! You heard it right, they have made the place look beautiful by painting the graphitises on walls of CBS everywhere showing our culture and the paintings of legends in Bollywood. Some artworks give you a social message and some express the love in your heart for the city! Here we thought yes it is something to be covered on and tell the world that now we also have a beautiful bus stand in the city!

Photo essay by Sumit Vidhate
Graphities made by Hand Foundation



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