No Petrol Day Observed In the City

Today all the place in and around the city, the vehicular traffic and the streets were found to be empty. Even the busiest of the streets lacked pedestrians and had negligible traffic. All the grocery stores, stationery shops including the showrooms were shut down in support of the No Petrol Day.

The citizen’s whole heartedly supported the No Petrol Day and was keen on the change of the rising petrol, diesel and LPG prices. The No Petrol Day was a protest against the people who were reluctant to accept the risen prices of petrol, diesel and LPG gas cylinders. We are amongst the 23000 rickshaws and taxis which decided to go off the road today.

As the rickshaw’s drivers had a “Bandh” and places like College road, Nashik road, Trimbak road, Gangapur Road, Mumbai Agra Road and many others were often the major traffic is due to the rickshaws was not were found to be empty today. Also most of the shops, showrooms and various stores were shut down which led the people to sit at home and led to an increase in the emptiness even at the busiest of roads.

Many working people, students and other citizens had a problem in travelling to their destinations. The people which do not have their own vehicles and the students were the most affected ones because of the “Bandh” which was in support of the No Petrol day.

We hope that no such days occur and the people and the government come to a mutual solution and no one should face any such problems in the future.


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