Is it Raining?

The most frequently asked question during rainy season: Is it raining? Unlike last year this year the rainy season is not on its peak. People were expecting heavy rains right from the starting of the month but it seems that their expectations aren’t fulfilled.

Though the Dakshinayan has begun since 10 days there is no considerable rainfall in Nashik till yet. The people including infant, teenagers, youngsters, and middle aged and old aged people all were very much excited with the beginning of rainy season. But it’s tough to face the fact that there are no proper rains till now. Yesterday it was hardly raining in the city and today also there were signs of rains.The rains have almost vanished people are dying to taste the sweet smell of the soil when the rain falls on it. The climate is not sunny but also not humid or rainy. The raincoats and umbrellas are lying in the houses and are eager to get wet.

We Hope that the rains are soon seen outside and the Climate again becomes cool. We  hope to have an optimum rainy season, we want that petrichor is all over the city. Once again we want to ask before going outside that “Is it Raining?”


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