Mango people in the city of grapes

“God must be loving a common man a lot, he made so many of them!” -Abraham Lincon

We roam! We roam all the time around. Sometimes for work, sometimes for shopping, sometimes to explore, sometimes for a reason and sometimes without the one!

The thought behind this essay is that we are so much busy living our lives and are so gobbled in it that we never think the lives moving around us are having their different stories too! in fact, the each one of them is living one as we are. Billions of people around with the billions of stories! Everyone is happy for some reason and everyone is sad for some; Everyone is having a dream to fulfil and goals to achieve and everyone has a responsibility to compete. We all are same still we are different. Different in our own way. As we did, someday you may take a glance at the lives around and think how common we are and still uncommon in ourselves. Meanwhile a glance of the mango people in the city of grapes from the lens of our photographer @sumit_vidhate

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