Scarp Market to be Moved

The Bombay High Court on Sunday finally decided to move the scrap traders of the Ambad-Satpur Link Road within 3 months. According to the directives of the Bombay High Court all the scrap traders on the Ambad-Satpur Link road must find some other market within 3 months and if the traders fail to do so it will the responsibility of the NMC to do the needful.

A (PIL) was filed by the former house leader of the NMC Mr. Dilip Datir about the rising law and order problem in the Chunchale Shivar of the Ambad-Satpur link road. Though this issue was a major problem since a long time the verdict of the High Court has made the situation to b clear. The directive is sent to the Scrap Merchants Association by the High Court to shift within and 3 months and if the condition are unchanged the NMC is responsible to take care of it and any ignorance on the path of the NMC would be considered as a contempt of court.

The Ambad-Satpur link road was considered to a crime spot with many riots, thefts and a violent environment causing a jeopardy to the security of the residents if that area along with the citizens passing by. As this part is a little aloof from the main city it a good shelter and hiding spot for the criminals and anti social elements of the society. Now the citizens have to wait for 3 months to witness the changes on the Ambad-Satpur link road and we hope the Scrap traders co-operate and the NMC supports them by providing the new land which it was reluctant to give some time ago.


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