Chess Tournament Held In Nashik

Today a open Chess Tournament is being held at Rachna Vidyalay Trust Hall at Savarkar Nagar. With the growing popularity for various sports and games shown by the people of Nashik, a lot of tournaments and competitions are being held around the city.
The people of Nashik have not only showed their interest in various sports and games but also have great potential and have proved that we do not lack behind. Be it Kavita Raut who made our city famous in the 2011 Common wealth Games or Vidit Gujrathi who has National level ranking in Chess. Nashikites have proved their enormous potential every time in several different sports and games such as Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Badminton, Trecking, etc. The people are now not restricted to Cricket but have started playing Snookers, Chess and other such games which were not so popular.
We hope this enthusiasm of the Nashik people continue and our great city continue to grow its name and reputation in the world.


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