Traffic and Pollution @ Nashik


 Hello Nashikites,

You may be relating with the title of article. Because we all are commonly facing these issues currently growing like hell. Most of now avoiding two wheeler driving because of these bugs arising head widely across all area from nashik.

We cannot blame system directly. Because we ourselves responsible for these issues. That is another part that there is flyover construction going on since last year. But that is on enough progress and soon will ready for service. Till that we have to be waited and keep passions as we are keeping since so many months. But my point is the main aspects of above mentioned worries are indiscipline behaviour of us and lack of awareness. According to me not only for these issues but almost all issues in life these mentioned aspects plays major role. As citizen we should be well disciplined and aware about our duties.

You might think that I am well disciplined and aware but the people around me are not so I also not bonded to follow the same alone. You are absolutely right if you are thinking the same but if everyone things the same then problems begin with those issues only.

Second and most important is pollution some nasikites can relate with my next statement that I am going to conclude that the temperature of nashik was well known for its all-time cool atmosphere in past. But now the picture is too bad that it can’t change in one day.  Some task can make it on the track that are 1. Share your car, bike vehicle with people near to you that beneficial in both ways. 2.atleast once in the year you will adapt a tree that is best thing you can do. 3. Avoid using plastic bags.

I can tell you hell lot of tips but I will tell you only those which myself doing and helping to the nature. Telling to others is easy but implementing it is what expected here and same me and my team does here.

Vande Matram   


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