Photo essay: Bhandi Bazar Nashik

There is a lot to talk about the old city, the places, lanes, and chowks Here lies roots of the city and tell us story, how Nashik evolved from a small town to nearly a smart city. These bylanes of old Nashik are exploding with shops ranging from clothes to spices and jewellery to what not! So to give an experience of one of the oldest markets in Nashik, we have done a visual tour of ‘Bhandi Bazar’! Bhandi Bazar is the oldest utensils market up and running from last few decades on the banks of Godavari. You’ll end up with possibly everything that can be made out of copper & bronze and stainless steel for your daily needs and special occasions. The clientele here is villagers and tourists prominently but city people do visit these markets for acquiring some specially made utensils for auspicious occasions.

Go through our new photo essay covered by our photographer and listen to the stories the Bandi Bazar tells you!
Photos by: Chinmay M. Pathak



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