Nashik Police Aggressive On Traffic Violators

From the past 5-6 days the Nashikites have observed a very sudden aggressive move by the police against the traffic violators. Since the past 5-6 days several places have observed the check posts of police regarding the checking of the vehicles.

With the rising crimes of chain stanching, the police has decided to put a check on the vehicles which are illegal or without proper documentation. In the past 3-4 days around 200 vehicles have been faced action against the police on various reasons like improper or incomplete document, many passengers, No License, etc.

According to the senior PI of the Traffic Department, Praveen Kulkarni, this will be a continuous process and will be carried aggressively out whenever the need arises. The people are not finding way to escape as the police check points are held at different places and are sudden. The traffic cops have filed 7 cases against the vehicle drivers. The police also informed in Nashik Road which is flooded by the rickshaws there were 25 rickshaws which were confiscated   and would be released only if the proper documents are submitted.

The police is very strict with respect to the rules and had indicated that it will not hesitate not file a case against some reckless, careless drivers. This Move of the police department is appreciated by some citizens while the others without proper documents are trying to be with proper documents as soon as possible.


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