Traffic and Pollution @ Nashik

 Hello Nashikites, You may be relating with the title of article. Because we all are commonly facing these issues currently growing like hell. Most of now avoiding two wheeler driving because of these bugs arising head widely across all area from nashik. We cannot blame system directly. Because we ourselves responsible for these issues. That is another part that there is flyover construction going on … Continue reading Traffic and Pollution @ Nashik

Nashik Police Aggressive On Traffic Violators

From the past 5-6 days the Nashikites have observed a very sudden aggressive move by the police against the traffic violators. Since the past 5-6 days several places have observed the check posts of police regarding the checking of the vehicles. With the rising crimes of chain stanching, the police has decided to put a check on the vehicles which are illegal or without proper … Continue reading Nashik Police Aggressive On Traffic Violators

Nashik Facing Traffic Problems.

Though Nashik is not as big as Mumbai or Pune, due to bad management of traffic related issues, Nashik is also facing the equal problems regarding traffic. Most of the major offices, both government and private, are situated in the central area which is Shalimar and C.B.S. Shalimar which is the biggest chowk in Nashik doesn’t have any proper traffic signal. It results in Jam … Continue reading Nashik Facing Traffic Problems.

College Road Is Declared As No Vehicle Zone On Sunday Evening.

One of the most popular, Lively and expensive Road, College Road will be Vehicle Free on Sunday Evenings. Under the Mumbai Police Act 1951, Section 33(1) (B) of 22, The Nashik Police Commissioner Vishnudev Mishra has declared College Road as a No Vehicle Zone. With the increasing traffic and cause at College road especially on Sunday Evenings this decision is taken on a trial basis … Continue reading College Road Is Declared As No Vehicle Zone On Sunday Evening.

Flyover Construction leads in traffic trouble.

Everyone was happy after knowing about the flyover being built at Nashik but the problems being faced by the citizens are increasing. The time of traveling on the construction road is doubled. The Management seems to be unable to curb the increasing traffic problems. The number and time of prolonged cues and on crossings is rapidly increasing. Though it’s under the great name on L … Continue reading Flyover Construction leads in traffic trouble.