College Road Is Declared As No Vehicle Zone On Sunday Evening.

One of the most popular, Lively and expensive Road, College Road will be Vehicle Free on Sunday Evenings.
Under the Mumbai Police Act 1951, Section 33(1) (B) of 22, The Nashik Police Commissioner Vishnudev Mishra has declared College Road as a No Vehicle Zone. With the increasing traffic and cause at College road especially on Sunday Evenings this decision is taken on a trial basis for 2 months.
College Road with 6 Colleges, 4 schools, 4 Banks, A Multiplex Along with A Big Shopping Mall has been a travel spot for most of us. Thus it witnesses a huge amount of crowd and vehicles from around the city.
Thus considering the following reasons, College Road will be closed from Canada Corner up to Loot Mart from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm on a trial basis. Though the authorities have taken proper place of the parking to the interested visitors the Nashikites will take time to adapt to the new conditions.


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