Flyover Construction leads in traffic trouble.

Everyone was happy after knowing about the flyover being built at Nashik but the problems being faced by the citizens are increasing. The time of traveling on the construction road is doubled. The Management seems to be unable to curb the increasing traffic problems. The number and time of prolonged cues and on crossings is rapidly increasing. Though it’s under the great name on L & T the citizens as well as other users of that road are wasting their valuable time.

All are aware about the importance and benefits we will get, after the completion of the flyover, but the problem faced today can’t be ignored. The People maximum affected are the ones residing at Indira Nagar, Rane Nagar, Deepali Nagar, Govind Nagar, Ashwin Nagar, Pathardi, Dwarka, Wadala and all others situated on the Roads under Construction are facing huge traffic problems, dust problems, bad road problems.

We hope that the NHAI, L & T and Local Bodies will take more appropriate steps to avoid dust and lessen the problems of the citizens as well as the outside traffic and save their precious time.


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