Shalom Trophy: Fundraising Event by Shalom NGO

We’re glad to announce our support to a fundraising event by a NGO Shalom. Shalom trophy a 1 day cricket tournament has been organise raise funding for social organizations. About Shalom A group of youngster from Nashik striving for helping the needy people in some or the other way. It may being monetary form or in material form. SHALOM as the name suggests we believe … Continue reading Shalom Trophy: Fundraising Event by Shalom NGO

Best places to enjoy IPL in matches in nashik for free.

It seems that cricket fever is not going to end up soon,where all Indians are still in hangover of team india’s last victory.Another popular series of cricket matches IPL is going to star from next week,and whole country will be submerged again in the battles of teams they support.

Watching cricket is becoming more social than past days youngsters prefer to enjoy cricket matches and cheering with their friends.Even people from all age love this way of experiencing their most favorite sport.And nashik is victim of this social gathering at this worldcup Click here to see people of nashik enjoying cricket.

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World Cup Mega Final celebration at nashik.

Here goes another blast! Right above your head in the black sky of midnight. But wait it doesn’t look like midnight at all! “The college road” is bearing the same crowd as it is still day time. I think a little bit more too.The reason behind flood of crowd is India has won the Cricket World Cup once again after 28 years. Huh! That’s quite long waiting time.
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Nashik is going crazy for world cup final between India and sri-lanka

India is having a blast. No, not actual bomb blast! I am talking about enthusiasm of Indians related with ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. India-Pakistan match just a trailer of craziness of Indian crowd about cricket. Nashik was no far away from it! Many organisations arranged live telecast of Indo-Pakistan match on 30th. Nearly thousand of Nashikkars enjoyed the view of match together. And the celebration was even bigger than that. It was like diwali 6 months before!

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World-cup fever in Nashik

As worldcup is starting from 19th feb,and all matches are held in india subcontinent though their is exam fever in this season,not only students but their parents also excited for worldcup.All markets in nashik are fulled with worldcup merchandising. Cricket is one of the most played and favorite sport of indians.We can obserev public places teas stall cafes and resistants with people discussing on the same many … Continue reading World-cup fever in Nashik