World Cup Mega Final celebration at nashik.

Here goes another blast! Right above your head in the black sky of midnight. But wait it doesn’t look like midnight at all! “The college road” is bearing the same crowd as it is still day time. I think a little bit more too.The reason behind flood of crowd is India has won the Cricket World Cup once again after 28 years. Huh! That’s quite long waiting time.

As we had mentioned in the previous post, many screens were available for crowd to watch this final game together. One was in front of BYK college with maximum number of people. And as Dhoni hits the finisher, whole crowd goes mad! Even police began dancing. There was no place left. Youngistan was on top of the sky as if they have done that.
The celebration continued till 2 AM and the whole college road was jam packed! Here are some pictures of it! Thank you very much to Team India who gave us this pride and pleasure all together!


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