Nashik is going crazy for world cup final between India and sri-lanka

India is having a blast. No, not actual bomb blast! I am talking about enthusiasm of Indians related with ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. India-Pakistan match just a trailer of craziness of Indian crowd about cricket. Nashik was no far away from it! Many organisations arranged live telecast of Indo-Pakistan match on 30th. Nearly thousand of Nashikkars enjoyed the view of match together. And the celebration was even bigger than that. It was like diwali 6 months before!

Now you can easily guess how the finals are going to be! The big, bigger and the biggest enjoyment is on the way.Many hotels and restaurants are set with a great line up of live telecast of matches with food and drinks and many people are preferring this ways of enjoying cricket with their friends and colleagues.So hold your breaths the biggest battle is just couple of hours away do your work,study and get free before the clash of India and SriLanka. Cheers to Team India!

Places to enjoy live telecast of India Sri Lanka ICC World cup 2011 Final
1.Food Court,City Center Mall
2.College road.
3.Almost all popular hotels.


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