World-cup fever in Nashik

As worldcup is starting from 19th feb,and all matches are held in india subcontinent though their is exam fever in this season,not only students but their parents also excited for worldcup.All markets in nashik are fulled with worldcup merchandising.

Cricket World-cup 2011 Dhaka opening.
Cricket World-cup 2011 Dhaka opening (Courtesy Flickr)

Cricket is one of the most played and favorite sport of indians.We can obserev public places teas stall cafes and resistants with people discussing on the same many of the public places have common telecasting services and most important factor is all multiplexes has decided to telecast live matches.People from all age are praying for victory as matches are going to be held in our home pitches.

Let’s hope the best and give big cheers to team india.


6 thoughts on “World-cup fever in Nashik

  1. thanks, my friend suggests to see this one I am i ten standard that is very helpful for seating arrangements
    but why did not you done it before ….


    1. Sorry sameer for being late ….but stay tuned for all the latest buzz happening in nashik..and also check site for the 10th exam seating arrangements also we’re going to update it soon..


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