Best places to enjoy IPL in matches in nashik for free.

It seems that cricket fever is not going to end up soon,where all Indians are still in hangover of team india’s last victory.Another popular series of cricket matches IPL is going to star from next week,and whole country will be submerged again in the battles of teams they support.

Watching cricket is becoming more social than past days youngsters prefer to enjoy cricket matches and cheering with their friends.Even people from all age love this way of experiencing their most favorite sport.And nashik is victim of this social gathering at this worldcup Click here to see people of nashik enjoying cricket.

Now this time justnashik come up with a list of places where you can enjoy cricket matches for free.

Places to enjoy cricket matches for free.

1.Food Court:The most happening place in nashik right now has a great lineup for the IPL matches where you can enjoy cricket with your friends with good food.

2.College Road:During this world cup some people arranged matches screening in front of BYK college for free so keep you eye their.

3.Streets of city:You can found screenings of cricket matches on literally every single street of the city.

  • Above list will be continuously update.

Ready to pay?

Their are some hotels and restaurant in nashik who have already showed the World cup matches(Paid of course).This hotels are comfortable and convenient options for you if you ready to spend money between 250 To 1000 for entry fees.Where food and other things charged extra.



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