Shalom Trophy: Fundraising Event by Shalom NGO

We’re glad to announce our support to a fundraising event by a NGO Shalom. Shalom trophy a 1 day cricket tournament has been organise raise funding for social organizations.

About Shalom

A group of youngster from Nashik striving for helping the needy people in some or the other way. It may being monetary form or in material form. SHALOM as the name suggests we believe in support peace-Peace in day to day life. This does not limit ourselves to our lives but extends it to those of the needy ones. Helping them is not our duty but our responsibility. Various events have been organised by us before and many more are still to come.We expect your help and support in this good deed and assure you no disappointment

About The Event

Previously we have organised some events including clothes donation about 3-5 places in Nashik also we celebrated various festivals with the ones who don’t get chance to celebrate these festivals every year. Our coming event is School Level Cricket tournament (Shalom Trophy). This event includes participation of 8 Convent School Cricket Teams in Nashik For the Organisation of this event up to its great extent, we need your support in monetary terms.


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