Rajkamal Misal Kolhapuri in Nashik

Food Review: Famous Rajkamal Misal from Narayangaon is now in Nashik

The frequent Nashik-Pune travelers must have been to this little joint Rajkamal Misal, Located at Narayangaon this place has a reputation for serving amazing misal and no Nashik Pune trip is complete without a halt at Rajkamal.

So, we couldn’t hide our excitement when we heard the news about Rajkamal misal has started in Nashik. So we landed the next day to get our hands on their famous Kolhapuri Misal.

Unlike Nashik’s misal recipe, Rajkamal misal is made with red masala, not the black one and taste is slightly less spicy as compared to Nashik’s Misal. However, we liked the taste and texture of the misal. You want it to be spicy just and some tarri and you’re good to go.

Rajkamal Misal Kolhapuri in Nashik

One dish that deserves a mention here is Kadhi Wada, A dish which we had for the first time was splendid. A batata wada and Kadhi was served with a topping of shev. The kadhi wada is slightly sweet and sour in taste and when you mix wada and kadhi together it blends perfectly with the sweet and sour taste of kadhi and spiciness of batata.

Kadhi Wada Rajkamal Misal Kolhapuri in Nashik
Kadhi Wada

We ended our meal with banana sheera, it had a nice texture and subtle taste of banana and just the right amount of sweetness. Overall the experience was superb and we enjoyed our meal a lot.

Banana Sheera in Nashik
Banana Sheera

This place is located near mhasarul near RTO corner. Please find this map for the detailed address. https://goo.gl/maps/TNgM3aEaer22


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