The Old CBS is no more ‘Old’! Giving new life to the walls of CBS!

Hey there! We hope you are spending your day well. Today we are sharing a glance of the place where every one of you has been at least for once in your life if you are from Nashik! Do you remember your childhood days when your parents took you to the Central Bus Stand (We call it CBS more)! The government buses almost for all … Continue reading The Old CBS is no more ‘Old’! Giving new life to the walls of CBS!

Mango people in the city of grapes

“God must be loving a common man a lot, he made so many of them!” -Abraham Lincon We roam! We roam all the time around. Sometimes for work, sometimes for shopping, sometimes to explore, sometimes for a reason and sometimes without the one! The thought behind this essay is that we are so much busy living our lives and are so gobbled in it that … Continue reading Mango people in the city of grapes

Chasing your dream: Jeevan Jadhav

It is Monday and we are back introducing you a new artist from our very own city showing up his brilliant art form to the world! Yes, Jeevan Jadhav has literally taken his art on the international level and getting recognized by the people from many other countries nowadays. Let us tell you what exactly he is doing and why we called it brilliant. Jeevan … Continue reading Chasing your dream: Jeevan Jadhav

Down Under JustNashik



Rock In Nasik is back with a GIG For you collaborating with Bambooze the new kickass lounge in our city, this time presenting two new bands of Nasik Malice in Disguise and Sutra alongside with Blood Rose, the Prog. Metchul from our city and our owns Sense of tumor and one more act which is known as Diabolic Lords.. Stay in touch.  is publicity partner for this event.

Bands performing-

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