Not the coffee but a lot happened over a cup: Yewale Amrutatulya

Have you ever think why these newly introduced Chai Tapris in Nashik (or we should call it ‘outlets’ as they are more sophisticated) are called ‘Amrutatulya’ and not Chai Tapries? As we dig into the history, Pune was famous for Chai since early 19′ and was known as ‘Chai town’ for localities’ eternal preference for tea over coffee. The first Amrutatulya opened around the 1920’s … Continue reading Not the coffee but a lot happened over a cup: Yewale Amrutatulya

Photo essay: Bhandi Bazar Nashik

There is a lot to talk about the old city, the places, lanes, and chowks Here lies roots of the city and tell us story, how Nashik evolved from a small town to nearly a smart city. These bylanes of old Nashik are exploding with shops ranging from clothes to spices and jewellery to what not! So to give an experience of one of the … Continue reading Photo essay: Bhandi Bazar Nashik

Mango people in the city of grapes

“God must be loving a common man a lot, he made so many of them!” -Abraham Lincon We roam! We roam all the time around. Sometimes for work, sometimes for shopping, sometimes to explore, sometimes for a reason and sometimes without the one! The thought behind this essay is that we are so much busy living our lives and are so gobbled in it that … Continue reading Mango people in the city of grapes

Introduction to JustNashik

Just Nashik provides updates about news,current happening,places,events to city people and rest of the world. Description Just Nashik is an on line platform to promote the city of Nashik. It was started by a group of youngsters and also engineers who wanted to take the city viral. Just Nashik is a portal aimed at creating awareness about the city by regularly giving updates and important … Continue reading Introduction to JustNashik

Justnashik needs writers!

Hey nasshikars justnashik wishes you a very happy and prosporous new year… And as like last year jsut nashik is again going to be there with lots of intresting stuff and information about city and around. This year we’ve also started accpeting articles from our reader so if if you’re really excitied about writing some thing just write it down and mail is on … Continue reading Justnashik needs writers!