Things to do in Nashik this monsoon (Fireflies, Trekking, Weekend Gateways)

The rains have finally descended to rescue Nashik from its rather long sweltering summer. While monsoon will wash the city anew here’s a list of things to do in Nashik during Monsoon. So leave your umbrella at home and enjoy Nashik monsoon. Fireflies Festival in Nashik: Fireflies are mainly insects that show the character of the bio-luminescence !! They actually threw a body of fluorescent green … Continue reading Things to do in Nashik this monsoon (Fireflies, Trekking, Weekend Gateways)


ZaraHutke Weekend gateways

This is a guest post by Team (An Offbeat Stay Providers)  Mumbai is surrounded by beautiful places which can be easily visited over a weekend. And if you are travel buff who enjoys exploring new places now and then, you are literally spoiled for choices when it comes to weekend getaways near Mumbai. Whether you are looking for a place to rejuvenate or just … Continue reading ZaraHutke Weekend gateways

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Travelling out of your comfort zone

Article by our guest writer : Fairy Dharawat It’s not easy, but definitely not difficult. Those who travel constantly will tell you that it’s always challenging the first time. There is nervousness, anxiety and there is this doubt whether you can actually be able to carry out this feat. For starting anything new, a healthy amount of scepticism is a given. And to some extent … Continue reading Travelling out of your comfort zone

Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Weekend gateways near Nashik

With four good months of thundering & storming Nashik now seems to be set for winter and as the best season of Nashik is officially here, Don’t you think it’s time for you to tighten your shoes and pickup the hipsacks for long road trip. Now if you are already planned a trip go ahead with your friends and familiy to relish your moments. And those who’re still confused! Don’t worry we have some plans for you. This winter we have listed down few closed weekend gateways where you can have a nice weekend get together with your friends and families. All this places are just couple of hours away by drive from Nashik. Surrounded by nature landscapes and greenery an ideal for winter weekend. Continue reading Weekend gateways near Nashik

Bramhagiri Nashik

Monsoon weekend gateways near nashik

1. Bramhagiri: Situated in Trimabkeshwar, A 25 KM ride from Nashik, Bramhagiri is origin of river Godavari, There is Lord Shiva temple on top of the mountain. 2. Anjaneri: Anjaneri is known as birth place of lord Hanuman, a perfect trekking destination in monsoon. Around 20 KM ride from Nashik 3. Kalsubai Mountain: Biggest peak in Maharashtra, Biggest attraction of trekkers and adventure freaks. 4. Pandav Caves: Pandu … Continue reading Monsoon weekend gateways near nashik

Just nashik photo essay: Pandava Caves

Just nashik photo essay: Pandava Caves Nashik.

Place: Pandav Leni(Caves) Nashik Pandu/Pandava Leni, (also known as Trirashmi Caves and other variations) (Leni is Marathi word for caves), are a group of 24 caves carved between 3rd cent. B.C. to 2nd century which Hinayana Buddhist caves and has nothing to do with the characters of the Mahabharata (the Pandavas). Most caves are Viharas except for the 18 Cave which is a Chaitya. The … Continue reading Just nashik photo essay: Pandava Caves Nashik.

JUSTNASHIK WEEKEND ALERT #3 :Things to do this weekend.

Drama/Play going on this weekend in Nashik 1.Lekure Udand Jahali (Marathi Play) Cast:Sumit Raghwan,Chinmayi Raghwan Place: Kalidass Kalamandir,Shalimar Chawk,Nashik Time & Date :5.30 PM,9th September (Sunday) 2.Ek Chawat Sandhyakal (Marathi Play) Cast:Ashok Patole ,Ajut Kelkar Place:Kalidas Kalamandir ,Shalimar Chawk ,Nashik Time & Date: 9.30 PM,9th September (Sunday) Movies For Show timing and more details visit our movie timings page click here Raaz3 3d(Hindi) Ek ThaTiger(Hindi) … Continue reading JUSTNASHIK WEEKEND ALERT #3 :Things to do this weekend.