Things to do in Nashik this monsoon (Fireflies, Trekking, Weekend Gateways)

The rains have finally descended to rescue Nashik from its rather long sweltering summer. While monsoon will wash the city anew here’s a list of things to do in Nashik during Monsoon. So leave your umbrella at home and enjoy Nashik monsoon.

Fireflies Festival in Nashik: Fireflies are mainly insects that show the character of the bio-luminescence !! They actually threw a body of fluorescent green light to attract their partner. This natural light phenomenon is so fascinating that sometimes one can experience thousands of light fireflies which is one of the best natural sights to behold.


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Trip to Vineyards:  Wine tourism is the new buzzword in Nashik, four hours from Mumbai. There are nearly 50 wineries in and around Nashik, and exciting for wine lovers, many Nashik vineyards now have tasting rooms open to the public. What is as appealing as 10-20% discount on the sale price are available on purchases. 

Vallone Vineyards Nashik
Vallone Vineyards Nashik

Recommended Winery:

Trek to Kalsubai: Kalsubai temple is located at the topmost summit. At the summit there is a plain ground with a small temple of Kalsubai, a local deity. A traditional prayer (pooja) service is held every Tuesday and Thursday by a local priest. Local villagers sell the pooja materials almost all year long, while sending their cows for grazing. On Navratri occasions many stalls are set up atop the summit for the pooja materials. During the Navratri period, for all nine days, special poojas are carried out and idol is fully decorated. Special Mela (fair) is organized for Navratri.


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