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Travelling out of your comfort zone

spacedoutspirits Cupid's Den
Spacedout Spirits Cupid’s Den
spacedoutspirits Cupid's Den
Spacedout Spirits Cupid’s Den

Article by our guest writer : Fairy Dharawat

It’s not easy, but definitely not difficult. Those who travel constantly will tell you that it’s always challenging the first time. There is nervousness, anxiety and there is this doubt whether you can actually be able to carry out this feat. For starting anything new, a healthy amount of scepticism is a given. And to some extent it can be beneficial too as it raises important questions which requires your answer. But here’s the thing. Pushing your comfort zone means exactly the same thing that is to face your fears and explore the unknown. That’s how you know whether what works for you or not. You will never know it if you never try it.

Art is the best way to soak in the new culture and is a welcoming facilitator to equip you with that feeling of venturing in to the unknown. So go out and find places with music, good food and interesting activities where you get a chance to meet fun people with common interests.Here is another idea. If travelling alone in an unknown place seems daunting, try to travel alone around a known place to get to know the feeling of being on your own.

Every traveller will vouch for the fact that going on your own changes and challenges your views while broadening your horizon. Travelling out of your comfort zone does that to you.You can always start by taking a small trip that will open up a new experience. It is important to plan, but rigidly following a plan while travelling takes out the spontaneous element. You meet new people and have your very own set of experiences that turn in to stories and when you share those stories, it becomes an intricate part of you and your life.

Travelling out of your comfort zone means disrupting nicely laid out routines. These routines make you stuck in a loop day after day. Then you settle and that’s when boredom creeps in. You don’t want that. What you need is a jolt. A jolt that compels you to go out. But you may say, get out, but where? Wonderful places to hang out in and around your state are pretty close if you think about it. And you can travel to these places on your own and explore or join Cupid’s Den happening in Nashik at Beze Anantha for a short vacation. All you really need is the will to travel.


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