Chasing your dream: Jeevan Jadhav

It is Monday and we are back introducing you a new artist from our very own city showing up his brilliant art form to the world! Yes, Jeevan Jadhav has literally taken his art on the international level and getting recognized by the people from many other countries nowadays.
Let us tell you what exactly he is doing and why we called it brilliant. Jeevan is an expert in a micro art form and that’s called as ‘Lead carving’. He caves different shapes and designs on thinnest pencil leads very precisely.

16807310_1577583055604594_960900441479332771_n.jpegJeevan Says, “It all started years back in my school days when I used to get bored in free time. Friends liked to spend their time playing or chitchatting but carving artistic billers or giving shapes to chalks made me feel better!” He adds, “Though it gave me happiness in my school days, it was never a passion or I had no vision to keep carving on chalks and it got faded by the time I completed my schooling. And then a few years back again I carved a chalk and it became the passion. Now I carve on thinnest leads and get appreciated by people around the world.”
While carving chalks and leads, Jeevan got better and better and became the first lead carving artist in India and second in the world who carved A to Z alphabets on 0.9mm and 0.5mm lead precisely. Jeevan has become the youngest artist in the world doing this after Mr. Chin chu li from Taiwan. With this, his art got appreciated by Bollywood actor Mr. Nana Patekar and commissioner of police, Nashik city, Mr. Ravindra Kumar Singhal. Also, Jeevan sells his art globally with the brand name “JJ’s” and earns money through it.

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Recently a couple from London (UK) purchased Jeevan’s artwork carved on 0.5 mm lead which gave him fame around the world. Now people from Glob and India orders Jeevan’s artwork and also get it customized. To make one with a name on lead it takes three to four hours and to carve a face on lead it takes seven to eight hours for Jeevan. Other than this, he is an amazing wall painting artist and helps his customers to make their personal gardens, home interiors, and cafes look beautiful. Other than this, Jeevan makes noticeable pencil sketches professionally. Getting challenges from friends and competitors to carve complicated designs on thinnest leads keeps Jeevan inspired and continue with his good work.

With all the efforts and desire of getting better and better, Jeevan keeps a vision to be the best lead carving artist in the world. We are glad having such a personality from the city doing so well and helping Nashik getting recognized on the world map. May Jeevan catch his dream soon. We wish him a good luck for the same! You may order Jeevan’s artwork on social media and motivate him to keep up the good work! Also, please contact us if you know such talent or entrepreneurs around you blessing the society with their creativity. That’s it for now. See you next Monday with another folk with her amazing super powers!


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