Chota Bite by GoodLuck Cafe

Food Review: Chota Bite by Goodluck cafe, Mahatama Nagar, Nashik

Verdict: Goodness of Goodluck now in Nashik!
Rating: 4/5
Table For Two: 300 Rs.

Address: Chota Bite Nashik by Goodluck Cafe, Suyash Appt., besides Mahatma Nagar Ground, adjoining Dr.Hemlata Patil clinic, Mahatma Nagar road, Nasik 422007

Contact: +91 9881198292

Well, who doesn’t know “GoodLuck Cafe”, the most iconic eatery in Pune city? This place has been serving good food almost for a century and had earned a reputation for serving the best Irani food in Pune since 1935. To serve people from other places, Goodluck has now started its diversified brand called “Chota Bite by GoodLuck Cafe”, a food chain to serve popular snacks and beverages from the Goodluck menu. And recently they’ve started operating in Nashik as “Chota Bite Nashik by Goodluck Cafe”

Chota Bite as the name suggests serves popular dishes from the Goodluck Menu such as bun maska, bun omelette, chicken/mutton kheema, Irani chai and few others. Being a cafe themed, most of the menu from Chota Bite is finger food and small dishes usually suited for breakfast as well as for small meals.

Chota Bite by GoodLuck Cafe
Chota Bite by GoodLuck Cafe

Goodluck is popular for their in-house baked buns and omelettes and these buns are delivered every day from Pune to retain the quality of the product. Unlike regular bun maska we get in the city, the bun maska at Chota Bite comes with a huge dollop of butter.

Chota Bite by GoodLuck Cafe
Chota Bite by GoodLuck Cafe

Another famous dish we tried was Kheema Pav & Kheema Fry Masala. Both the dishes were made out of Mutton and tasted extremely good. We had our kheema with bun maska instead of Pav and the combination turned out to be spot on with Butter, Kheema & Soft Bun. Kheema here is not grainy in texture and had a slightly paste-like consistency which made all the spices to get perfectly mixed with mutton. Kheema Fry Masala was little spicy compared to the regular mutton kheema.

Chota Bite by GoodLuck Cafe
Chota Bite by GoodLuck Cafe

Irani tea was exactly the same as what we had in Goodluck quite low on Sugar so if have a sweet tooth do tell them to make it a bit sweet. Apart from Buns, Eggs and Kheema Chota Bite have a huge choice of Rolls, delicious snacks like Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Sausages, Sandwiches, French Fries & much more.

Chota Bite by GoodLuck Cafe
Chota Bite by GoodLuck Cafe

Well, after all these dishes we weren’t able to dig into something else but we’re willing to visit this place soon to try out their rolls and few other dishes.

This place is located near mahatama nagar cricket ground beside Nasikkar Hotel, Place have a seating capacity of around 20-25 people and they have small inside section and outdoor seating. Cleanliness is well maintained and service is decent.

So try out ‘Chota Bite Nashik by Goodluck Cafe’ and let us know your feedback in comment section.


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