Tushar Misal Review Just Nashik

Just Nashik food review: Famous misal pav in nashik city part 4 (Tushar Misal Nashik)

Adventure of finding best misal in nashik is coming to the end. In last edition we’re talking about “Tushar Misal”. Located at college road, “Tushar Misal” is quite popular amongst elite people,politicians and families in nearby localities. Always crowded with people you might not get misal here even if you arrive here at 11 AM. So have before it’s all gone and specially on weekends. This misal will not fire up your palate and it’s not heavier.From couple of years “Tushar Misal” is becoming a landmark for their signature misal. People often came here from all over nashik just to taste this misal. So head over early morning tomorrow and experience it.

Tushar Misal Review Just Nashik
Tushar Misal Review Just Nashik
Tushar Misal Review Just Nashik
Tushar Misal Review Just Nashik

This is all we can say, Our series is finally complete on this last note, though we’ve just written about 4 restaurants, It’s not over there are still many places out there serving piping hot misal but we need some time to go and taste misal at every location.Meanwhile you can write us about your favourite misal pav joint and we’d love to put it here. Here is a list of all the places we’ve reviewed in this series.

1.Hotel Sudarshan (Makhmalabad Misal), Makhamala Bad Nashik.

2.Ambika Misal, Panchwati Nashik

3.Shyamsundar Misal ,Satpur Nashik

4.Tushar Misal, College Road Nashik


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