Nashik Famous Misal Ambika

Just Nashik food review: famous misal pav in nashik part 2 -(Ambika Misal)

This post is continued from our series of famous misal pav joints in the city.Last week we featured a place located miles away from the main city “Hotel Sudarshan(Makhamalabad)”  for their home cooked style and taste, and this week “Ambika Misal”  is on the list.

Nashik Famous Misal Ambika
Nashik Famous Misal Ambika

“Ambika misal”  was started decades ago by  Mr.Parushram Kukkar and now operated by Mr. Kailas Kukkar.Located near panchwati circle this place is now a landmark for tourists and misalpav lovers in the city.And as like every other famous misal pav joint in nashik you’ve to wait to dig your misal due to huge crowd awaiting for their misal pav.Misal curry at ambika is  little dark in colour as “Black masala(Spices)” are used mainly while preparing the dish.Their spices are little mild and won’t burn your palate as compare to other misal places.Currently they don’t have any branches and you must have to visit their only outlet in old panchwati near panchwati circle.

Nashik Famous Misal Ambika
Nashik Famous Misal Ambika

P.S. : Don’t forget to try their special laddo after heavy dose of misal ;)

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