Duniyadari Marathi movie review

Justnashik Movie Review: Duniyadari (Marathi)

Duniyadari Marathi movie review
Duniyadari Marathi movie review

Verdict: *1/2

“The Transforming period of Marathi Film industry is here”.  This line is hammered to us so many times. Because of this, today’s generation has started to believe that Marathi movies made between 1980’s and 2000’s were bad and pain to watch. But it is not true. There were bad films then and there are bad films now. The basic difference is “Publicity”.  If you pack a load of crap with golden paper and keep it for sale, it would definitely attract some buyers.

More or less is the case with Duniyadari. As far now, I was strongly in belief that if you make a Cinema by adopting a good novel, it would never go worse, no matter how much alteration you make to the original storyline. Duniyadari has made my belief shattered into pieces. Adopted from classic novel of the same name (by Late Suhas Shirwalkar or Su.Shi.), this film leads you nowhere near to the entertainment in the novel.

Talking about the movie, this is a story of Shreyas Talwalkar (Swapnil Joshi) admitted in SP College, Pune for a Post Graduate course and the adventures he follows during his college period which includes his “Katta Gang”. Katta Gang consists of their leader DSP- Digambar Shankar Paril (Ankush Choudhari) and few other forgettable characters. There are two female leads Shrin Ghatge (Sai Tamhankar) and Meenakshi Inamdaar (Urmila Kanitkar). Shreyas, who is mistaken at first, becomes permanent and important member of Katta Gang due to his street smartness and “oral” skills. There is also a villain here. Sainath Devgaokar (Jitendra Joshi) plays a quirky villain who is on exactly opposite side of DSP.

Rest of the story contains nothing but love complications in Shreyas’ and DSP’s life. It is love triangle, then square and if given some more time, may turn into infinite polygon.

Bearing the 80’s look as depicted in the novel, movie fails to show you any features of 80’s other than a Royal Enfield and a Dukkar Fiat. Apparently, Make-up and Clothing department have not put a single effort to visualize 80’s. For example, Shreyas is wearing half sweater throughout the movie, no matter what season it may be. Everyone is wearing same clothes, just colors are different. Wig used by Swapnil Joshi tends to fall off at any instance.

Then there is scripting. Chinmay Mandalekar has made a lot of alteration of his own. Given the entertaining value of the novel itself, why one should try to add some angles (which are misfit actually). For instance, changing Shrin Patel to Shirin Ghatge and Sainath’s engagement to Shirin are completely unnecessary additions which didn’t work at all. Even if you have not read the novel, it will look improper.

In directing department, Sanjay Jadhav uses an innovative narrating style i.e. showing the result of the scene previous to the happening and slowly unfolding the actual events. This is the only plus point. Fighting sequences and songs are poorly executed.

Music of the film is average. Tik Tik song is melodious but others fail miserably. Zindagi is nothing but an old cliché of introducing characters of the movie though a song. Background score is horrible. “Dhina Dhin Dha” is what you would remember after exiting the theatre.

In acting department, Swapnil Joshi has tried his heart out but does not look promising. Jitendra Joshi constantly reminds of Joker from The Dark Knight. Female leads do not have to do anything but look good. Only Ankush Choudhari stands out because of catchy dialogues and grand entries. Actors like Sandeep Kulkarni, Varsha Usgaonkar, Uday Tikekar, Sushant Shelar are totally wasted.

Duniyadari is almost 170 minutes long and leaves you exhausted once it is over. Film after intermission is sort of intolerable. Many of the characters are underdeveloped and left in the middle. Climax of the movie is also very disappointing. Director Sanjay Jadhav has tried everything to make it look cool, but the only thing that makes you cool in Cinema Theatre is the Air Conditioning.

Duniyadari movie show timings nashik.

1.Fame CinemasNashik
‎11:35am‎ ‎7:35pm‎
2.Cinemax: College Road,Big Bazaar Building, Near Vitthal Mandir, College Road, Nashik
‎10:15am‎ ‎4:00‎ ‎10:00pm‎
3.Cinemax: City Centre Mall,City Centre Mall, Untwadi Road, Nashik
‎2:30‎ ‎8:15pm‎


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