Kheema at Kolhapuri Tadka Nashik

Just Nashik food review: Best Kheemas in Nashik

Kheema is basically minced meet of lamb and often beef cooked/fried with ginger-garlic,onions and whole spices usually served for breakfast with “Pao”“Parathas” or “Rotis” (Indian Bread).Use of whole spices gives it little fiery twist.Mixed culture in the city has its strong influence on cooking style hence each community has its own kheema recipies. This totally underrated meat preparation is however difficult to find in town we have put together few eateries where you can taste this really up to the mark kheema.

1.Cafe Maharaja:(Click here for justnashik review)
An old food joint serving Indian style vegetarian and non veg food, There kheema is cooked in Indian styled spice mixture.While there “Shahi Kheema” is made with peas and chicken liver which make it little but thick and gives really unusual taste than plain version of kheema.Kheema is served without any bread you can pair it with rotis or pav(Price 80INR and 100INR for Plain and Shahi version)

Kheema at Cafe Maharaja Nashik
Kheema at Kheema at Cafe Maharaja Nashik

2.Kolhapuri Tadka: (Click here for Justnashik review)
Kolhapuri tadka is authentic kolhapuri restaurant, and there kheema has been inherited from kolhapuri cooking.Mixed with generous amount of red chilies it surely excite your taste buds.Kheema is served with Pao(Price 60 INR )

Kheema at Kolhapuri Tadka Nashik
Kheema at Kolhapuri Tadka Nashik

3.Jai Durga
With typical Maharashtrian touch Kheema at Jai durga is made with hand chopped lamb meat which fried in its own juices with Maharashtrian masala mixture which are made in house.Served with pao.

Kheea at Jai Durga,Canda Corner
Kheea at Jai Durga,Canda Corner

4.Konkani Darbar:
If you wanted to try mughlai style kheema ?head to Konkani darbar one of the oldest mughali style restaurant in the city.There kheema is simple yet filled with authentic Mughlai style spices.Make sure you visit before 11 AM as Kheema is served at konkani for breakfast only.

5.Vandan Restaurent:(Click here for justnashik review)

Vandan restaruent is located in sarvarkar nagar locality and served kheema with a little variation.Mixture of minced meat with little gravy cooked in khada masala is vandan’s specialty.(Price 80 INR)


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