Kolhapuri Thali at Kolhapuri Tadka Nashik

Just Nashik food review: “Kolhapuri Thali at Kolhapuri Tadka”

Verdict : Authentic Kolhapuri Tamda Rassa and Chicken up to the mark.Quantity needs serious attention!.


Table For Two: 400 Rs

Address:Kolhapuri Tadka ,Near Nandanvan Lawns ,Asaramji Bapu Ashram Marg, Nasik (Nashik), India 422013


Kolhapuri food is basically know for it’s spiciness, but in reality kolhapuri isn’t just about spices  kolhapuri food has its own flavor and its secret lies in its preparation.This time we are reviewing an authentic kolhapuri restaurant located in savarkar nagar ,gangapur road.”Kolhapuri Tadka” is serving authentic kolhapuri cousins like tambda rassa, pandhara rassa, kolhapuri chicken,kolhapuri mutton,kolhapuri Thali, Sukka Mutton etc.

Kolhapuri Thali at Kolhapuri Tadka Nashik
Kolhapuri Thali at Kolhapuri Tadka Nashik

Ambiance of “Kolhpauri Tadka” is average although we were expecting some kolhapuri style interiors and folk ambiance.Service is quite great everything arrived in just couple of minutes as we settle down there.We ordered Kolhapuri Thali and Kheema ,kolhapuri thali was packed up with tambda rassa ,pandhara rassa,chicken,rotis,rice and salad.However special Thali has addition of Kheema and Jeera Rice.

Kheema at Kolhapuri Tadka Nashik
Kheema at Kolhapuri Tadka Nashik

Chicken was amazing having nice combination of kolhapuri spices , Tambda Rassa and Pandhara Rassa are basically gravies made from chicken/mutton stock was also up to the mark giving strong after taste of spices.Kheema was a bit spicy and perfectly cooked.

Having a really authentic kolhapuri food in Nashik town was really great experience ,food was remarkable and worth a try if you’re fan of home cooked spicy non vegetarian food.What disappoints us was the quantity of chicken ,summed up  at 150 INR Thali was having really small portion of chicken.Kheema was however perfect in taste ,quality and quantity as well.


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