Just Nashik food review : Jayesh ,Panchwati Old Nashik

Verdict:No ambiance No Fancy Setup, The place to cure your hunger pangs.
Rating: 3/5

Table For Two: 200 Rs.Address:Panchwati,old Nashik

Your usual expectations of restaurant will be ceased as you entered in  “Jayesh Khanawal” .Located in messy lanes of panchwati ,old nashik, “Jayesh Khanawal” appeals to all those meat lovers who specially prefers home made meat preparations.

Just Nashik Food Review : Jayesh
Just Nashik Food Review : Jayesh

Chicken/Mutton(Lamb Meat)curries with secret spices and dry meat laden with mixture of really raw and strong flavored spices is what “Jayesh Khanawal” is popular for.
Usual class you found in “Jayesh Khanawal” is workers and people from nearby localities no fancy decor or formalities Just straight to the point.Delicious chicken for really unexpected price is Jayesh’s USP.All preparations are completely class apart and nonidentical and slightly influenced with  “Khandesh” region cooking.Most common dishes here are Chicken/Mutton Curries and Dry Chicken.”Bhakri“(Indian Bread) is usually paired with this dishes.If you want more fire attacks on your taste buds you can opt for “Rassa” which is prepared from meat stock and same spices in which chicken is cooked.

Justnashik food review : Jayesh ,Panchwati Old Nashik
Justnashik food review : Jayesh ,Panchwati Old Nashik

Other than curries you can have “Kheemas” and “Chicken Rice” as well.Even thalis are served here.Prices are also appropriate as per the quality of food.

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