Lakhnavi Biryani at Cafe Maharaja Nashik

Just Nashik food review: “Maharajah Cafe” Modern Circle,College Road.

Verdict: Try some of the authentic preparations of biryani and kheemas at pocket friendly prices.
Rating: 3/5

Table For Two: 200 Rs.
Address:Cafe Maharaja,Model Colony Circle,Opposite Dominos,College Road

Cafe Maharajah is one of those few eateries on college road where you can grab really authentic and delicious preparations.Usual scene in restaurants where you served with mediocre food with combined flavors is not what you experience  here at Cafe Maharajah. Exact spices with perfect proportion indulged you in your meal.We started with their famous Kheema which was prepared in really small quantity of oil and was little spicy, they serve another variation of kheema called “Shahi Kheema” prepared with chopped peas and kaleji (Liver) with little thick consistency as compared to plain edition.

Lakhnavi Biryani at Cafe Maharaja Nashik
Lakhnavi Biryani at Cafe Maharaja Nashik

Later we order their famous Lakhnavi biryani, cooked on low heat for hours on dum, it arrived on our table with succulent and tender and quite dry chicken pieces with less spicy marination. this biryani is different from other biryani’s in terms of spiciness and flavors. Use of few and selected spices brings out the flavor of chicken instead of heavy smell of marination and spices.

Kheema at  Cafe Maharaja Nashik
Kheema at Kheema at Cafe Maharaja Nashik

Thali options are also available and it comes loaded with butter chicken ,chicken masala those who are planning a really heavy meal this will be nice alternative.

Ambiance and service are not up to the mark but as long as their taste is concern you won’t be disappoints and Cafe Maharajah will surely brings you back.

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