Mediation Dose from JustNashik

Meditation is a must to be happy, healthy, compassionate, humorous, and lovable. All these human qualities blossom (*Maanav-Swabhaav mein wapas lautana*) through meditation. Ok, meditation has got 3 rules. The first rule is:

1) I don’t want anything…
How is it possible when I want better job, grades in school, family and prosperity?! Only for next 10 minutes say “I want nothing”.
Can you say that? Remove your wants like a cap & keep it on the side. Just for 10 minutes
And then

2) I do nothing:
When a scholar came to Lord Buddha, HE said just relax, become hollow & empty.
I do nothing for next 10 minutes. I don’t concentrate on anything, don’t focus mind on any thoughts: good thoughts, bad thoughts let them come & pass. I do nothing. Neither I welcome thoughts nor do I resist thoughts

And the 3rd rule is

3) I am nothing
For next few minutes, put off the label of being student, corporate, male, female…anything.
Now let’s meditate.
Meditation went on for 15 minutes (and as usual )
How many of you feel that you meditated for 15 minutes? Are you feeling fresh? How many of you did not feel the time?
See that is it. Meditation means you do not feel the time. You get connected with `*♥ Universal Spirit `*♥
When done in a group, it is very good. Do it in a group, SANGHA. Especially after your school (time) prayers in the morning, just sit for some time with closed eyes & meditate.
Meditation can improve our ability. I feel happy to be with you. Become Talented and Compassionate world citizens. Learn good things from every part of the world.

Courtesy ArtofLiving…


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