Mini Buses Are Now Ready To Join The Service

Now onwards , after a month we may not travel through red S.T. buses on the nashik- kasara route, because state transport has added more than dozen mini buses into its service.

Most of the people , prefers this route to travel for mumbai rather than nashikroad train service, but now days the number of recent working buses is feeling low. When these green colored mini buses joins the schedule , it would be more convenient to travel and also helpful to connect the local trains, because of the availability of these mini buses the frequency of nashik-kasara buses is going to increase. These buses will depart from Mahamarga bus stand and New CBS every half hour.The seating capacity of these buses is 31 , so who travels through the private taxis and buses can prefer these convenient and comfortable buses .

The travelling fare of mini buses is also lower than taxis and private buses.Where you pay 80-120 Rs. For taxis , you just have to pay regular fare which is 50-60 rs. , for these buses.


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