Water Mellon Stalls in Nashik.

Summer in Nashik is like a hot furnace. All the people living in Nashik enjoys extremely cool winter and extremely hot summer.As summer arrives, we can see lots of advertisement campaigns ran by various Soft Drink companies. But instead of drinking those carbonated drinks, many people opt for natural way.

In Nashik, many hawkers selling these kind of natural fruits and drinks can be seen. Water Melon is the fruit which is most famous in summer days. As water melon is considerably large in size than other fruits, it can be meal of one time for the family of four.Water Melon has the most quantity of water than any other fruit. So, it acts as a rapid cooling agent. It contains large amount of Vitamin A, B and C.
Many hawkers place their stalls by the road and sell these watery fruits. Each one costs from Rs. 25 to Rs. 40. So, it’s a cheap deal. Some of them, also sells the cut pieces of melon for Rs. 10 to Rs. 15.
All Nashikkars,Feel D’Wine but with water melon this time!


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